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Applied Behavioral Sciences provides psychosexual rehabilitation and counseling for sex addiction and sexual impulsivity.

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Addressing sexual behavior

Applied Behavioral Sciences’ sexual behavior program offers professional evaluations and treatment to individuals and families with individuals affected by paraphilia’s and sexual psychopathology. Treatment includes evaluations and specific psychotherapeutic interventions for individuals affected by sex addiction with deviant arousal patterns, including: incestuous and pedophilic fantasias, sexual impulsivity and sadistic, violent, and assaultive sexual behaviors.

How it works

Treatment programming is individualized specifically to the monitoring and treatment needs of each client. This program explores appropriate and inappropriate psychosexual behaviors and offers monitoring, cognitive-behavioral and psycho-educational group psychotherapeutic interventions as well as individual counseling as needed. In treatment the patients disclose their testimony and will be taught to self assess levels of impulsivity, cognitive distortions, retarded consequential thinking, victimizing affects on others, and grooming behavior acknowledgement. They are taught to interrupt offending cycles, and enact and maintain a safety and relapse prevention plan.

Licensed mental health professionals with forensic and deviant sexual behavior specializations provide services.





  • ABS Staten Island:
    120 Stuyvesant Place
    4th Floor, Suite #3
    Staten Island, NY 10301
  • ABS Brooklyn:
    7510 4 th avenue, Suite #5
    Brooklyn, NY 11209
  • ABS Forrest Hills:
    ABS at Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center
    111-29 Queens Blvd
    Forrest Hills, NY 11375

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