High Profile Counseling

ABS offers behavioral health and addiction treatment options for high profile and celebrity patients.

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Specialized Approach

The media often quickly finds out when a well-known performing artist, actor, athlete, or politician has been compelled to seek treatment for behavioral health or substance abuse issues, especially if it is under mandate.

Powerful executives, successful business people, professionals, the well-known affluent, and other community leaders often have much to lose if the people among them whom they work and socialize with know their problems.

This population has a unique clinical and psychosocial circumstance that requires specialized treatment approaches geared towards satisfying behavioral treatment goals and outside mandate obligations.

Program Details

High profile patients often do not seek behavioral health and addiction treatment because of fear of publicity or perceived lack of confidentiality.

  • Outpatient therapy for high profile and celebrity patients is almost always individualized.
  • Services are truly confidential, so that colleagues, clients and even family members are often not aware that a patient is receiving behavioral health or addiction counseling.
  • Meticulous and accurate progress reporting to courts or mandating institutions.
  • Patient’s lifestyle and responsibilities are taken into account, as a high-achieving individual is not about to change careers or lifestyles except in very unusual and specific instances.
  • Therapy may takes place at the patient’s home or place of business, so that his or her routine is disrupted as little as possible.
  • The counselor provides therapy that is based around the patient’s activities and responsibilities, and therapy guides the patient to find healthy avenues to deal with issues that may indeed arise due to career related pressures.
  • High achievers with behavioral issues or addictions are at risk of jeopardizing their careers and goals, which keeps them from accomplishing much in the long-term. The High Profile Counseling Program is essential to them, so these individuals can continue to achieve their goals and succeed.






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  • ABS Forrest Hills:
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