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About ABS

About ABS

Applied Behavioral Sciences provides rehabilitation and counseling services, including mental and behavioral health treatment, counseling, psychotherap, and social services. Applied Behavioral Sciences’ Division of Family Behavioral Sciences provides these services specific to individuals and their families.

Applied Behavioral Sciences is a premier human service provider. The professionalism with which we conduct our clinical practice is essential to our integrity, quality and continuum of care. Our commitment to utilizing up-to-date research and tested therapeutic techniques gives our patients the chance to maximize progress and productive change.

About our President & CEO, Dr. Kenneth A. Reddan, PhD, LCSW

Dr. Kenneth A. Reddan, PhD, LCSW is founder of, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Applied Behavioral Sciences, LCSW, PC. Dr. Reddan has 23 years of mental/behavioral health, human service and direct care, program development, implementation, monitoring and health care management experience.

Dr. Reddan is a mental health and behavioral health expert. Through his career he has developed dozens of rehabilitation, counseling and health care programs that are in operation throughout the tri-state area and are utilized in hospitals, corrections facilities, drug and alcohol treatment facilities, mental health facilities, alternative to incarceration and court monitoring programs that help thousands of individual adolescents, adults and families every year.

Applied Behavioral Sciences, New York

ABS is a proven leader in counseling, therapy, and psychiatric services in Brooklyn New York (NY) in Richmond County. We serve the New York City (NYC) area as well as Kings, Queens, and New York Counties. Please contact us as a trusted source for all of your psychiatric needs or stop by and see us at our offices in Brooklyn, Forest Hills, and Staten Island.

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Applied Behavioral Sciences Services

• Family Counseling, Couples Counseling
• Counseling, Individual Psychotherapy
• Psychotherapy, Family Therapy
• Group Counseling, Group Therapy
• Mental Health Counseling Services
• Behavioral Health Counseling
• Psychiatry, Psychiatric Treatment
• Medication, Psychiatric Evaluation
• Social Work, Psychological Services

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Our main office is located at:
7510 4th Avenue Suite #5 Brooklyn, NY 11209

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